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My Novel

The cover of my novel

My novel in progress. Read about a failing government hell bent on making change. 

Progress is nothing without perfection. 

My Blog

A picture of my Darth Vader notebook

My personal blog. It has been running for a long damn time, and still going. Check it out to read up on all my shenanigans. 



Another writing outlet, Medium. This is a place that reveals my delicate life journey. I hope to make money from this outlet. Medium truly is a place for writers and readers. 

Lilian Vale Speaks


This is my podcast. I discuss whatever comes to mind including but not limited to, social issues, books, and movies with a flair of my own wit, sarcasm, and a heavy dose of cussing.

My Favorite Books


I have a few hundred favorites. This is my Goodreads Link. 

Stories Written

A picture of a book I am published in

Hop over to Amazon and check out this gem. I'm in there as Cindi Prewitt. This book is an anthology. I have 3 stories I was lucky to be a part of. This is published by The Story Mint. A wonderful online writing and publishing site. Check them out. They help writers of all types.